The Pink Lady Story

Pink Lady Is No.1 Dublin based cleaning company, find out how we started.

Pink Lady Our StoryPink Lady cleaning services was incorporated in 2006. The business idea began with a desire to create a cleaning company that delivered an excellent cleaning service and also responded to the needs of its customers. From day one, we set out to work in partnership with our customer base and not only talked about listening to customer needs but actively implemented their ideas on a daily basis. The business started out with a small group of clients in North Dublin, consisting of; working Mothers, busy professionals and a handful of corporate clients.

Our Quick Referral Based Growth

Our customers required a quick turnaround, we listened… they also needed us to fit in with their busy schedule…we listened. Most of all they wanted to know that they were dealing with professionals who delivered a top notch cleaning service…we listened. Within a very short space of time, the business grew rapidly, mainly through referrals. As the business grew we learned that there is much more to the cleaning business than meets the eye. Every home is as unique as the customer and each cleaning experience needs to be based on their individuals’ requirements. So we developed a master cleaning plan, which put the control back in the hands of our customers by enabling them to map out to their exact specifications, precisely how they wanted their property cleaned.

Rigorous Recruitment Process for Only The Best Cleaners

We also recognized that our cleaners also needed to be mature, trustworthy individuals who shared our passion for excellence. So we developed a rigorous, recruitment, vetting and training process which ensures that every individual cleaner who works as part of the Pink Lady team can deliver the top notch service to our customers expect. Despite the downturn, we kept receiving referrals from satisfied customers. The business grew from a one person operation to a family run enterprise, which now delivers cleaning services to satisfied customers across the entire Dublin region. Our business still rests on those founding principles today. Our customers want to feel that whoever is working in their property treats it with respect and care. They want to feel that they have absolute trust and confidence in that person to deliver a great job. In short our customers want to work with a ‘cleaning company that cares’ about them, their needs and their property. This year we are moving into our next phase of expansion; we continue to develop the business based on the feedback that we receive from the personal relationships we develop with each of our customers.


Pink Lady Cleaning Service provides the Ultimate in Quality Service and Professionalism.

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I’m a busy single man living on my own. So I decided to have my Apartment cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. However, I just started recently and coming home to a thoroughly clean Apartment is just great. I was so impressed that I had to ring Margaret and tell her what a great job the cleaning lady had done. I would really recommend Pink Lady Cleaning Services
Richard, Malahide
I have a small baby so I get a 3 hour weekly clean it’s an absolute God send. My only gripe is I didn’t get it sooner.
Sarah, Kinsealy
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