Office Cleaning Dublin - Office Cleaning Services - Pink LadyA clean office can boost productivity and keep workers in the office more often. The best way to keep your office clean and tidy is to hire a professional office cleaning service. Every day is optimal, but if they come on a weekly basis, here are a few office cleaning tips to help keep the office clean until their next visit. Following these simple steps once a week your office will be sparkling clean and fresh in no time at all, leaving you with more time for your business.

Office Cleaning Tips

  • Wipe computer screens gently with a soft microfiber cloth. Blow computer keyboards out with compressed air.
  • Clean the keyboard by dipping cotton swabs into rubbing alcohol and detailing on and around all of the keys.
  • Dust tops of printers and computer towers, fax machines and telephones with microfiber cloths you can use a cotton swab with water , that it doesn’t don’t come into direct contact with the electric components. And be sure to clean the underside of the keyboard. Using a microfiber cloth and screen cleaning spray to avoid causing any harm to the screen.
  • To get a pristine clean, disinfect the work surface area with rubbing alcohol and microfiber cloths. This includes the phone, printer, computer tower, fax machines, and anything else that is frequently touched.
  • Empty all rubbish baskets and hoover thoroughly.
  • Once a week take everything off of desks and shelves and wipe them down thoroughly.

The above are just a few office cleaning tips to get you started but if you’d like to get some help to get your office perfectly clean then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to get back to you to see how we can help.